“Dressed in scarlet traditional costumes, the well trained dancing troupe executed sparkling athletic choreography to the strains of traditional music.”
- The New York Times

“the Voloshky dancers…have a genuine feeling for the nobility and friskiness of the dances. The Hopak, the most famous of the Ukrainian dances, goes way beyond friskiness into high virtuosity.”
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

“As always, the Voloshky troupe delighted with their elegance, skill, and above all, the joy they take in performing.”
- The Philadelphia Inquirer, Entertainment Section

“Their performances have everything: scholarship, insight, finesse, and no little poetry. No trace of surface glitter; art is there, the ideas are there, and the ability to execute is there, which makes for the traditional intimacy of Ukrainian dancing and its tasteful performance.”
- America News Weekly

“In contrast with the Hopak was the courtly Kokhanochka. Its lilting steps and formal patterns are a lesson in the value of simplicity.  Every would-be choreographer should take a look at this model of ‘less is more’.”
- Nancy GoldnerDance Critic

“We have worked with many hundreds of music and dance groups… Voloshky is
number one on my list. Their beautifully choreographed and performed dances,
costumes and technical expertise are evident each and every time I see them.”
- Laura HenrichPhiladelphia Museum of Art