Residency Overview

Residency Information

Voloshky offers several types of residencies designed to inform and excite all audiences though the art of Ukrainian dance. All Voloshky residencies are tailored to fit community needs, schedules and budgets. Residencies range in duration from one hour to two weeks and may include master classes, lecture/demonstrations, pre or post-performance discussions with the artistic director, open rehearsals and performances tailored to young audiences. Longer residencies of one to two weeks have included setting a piece of choreography for students and professionals.

Voloshky incorporates dance vocabularies based on classical ballet, multi-ethnic folk and character pantomime. Classes can range from children’s movement class to full master classes for professional dancers. Voloshky master classes are both physically and mentally demanding while remaining fun and stimulating.

Voloshky also offers several age and skill appropriate lecture/demonstrations with different themes that can be geared towards a variety of audiences. Sample outlines of the lecture demonstration content can be provided upon request. Voloshky provides an in depth K-12 Study Guide to schools in advance of a Voloshky program to help classes prepare for a richer interactive learning experience.

For non-dancers, Voloshky offers lecture/discussions (i.e., round table or panel discussion) on a variety of topics such as:

• Creative and technical aspects of Voloshky’s choreographic process from inception to finished work
• Ethnographic history and influences on the various regional Ukrainian styles of dance
• The role of choreographic arts in pre and post Soviet Ukraine
• The role America has played in preserving Ukrainian culture and arts

Artistic Director, Taras Lewyckyj can explain the pieces included in the evening’s performance and the history, concept and process behind the choreography. He can provide the audience with a better understanding of his background and the influences and decisions that created the works.
After a performance, company dancers can also participate in a question and answer session with the audience. Voloshky has found that audiences love the chance to meet the artists offstage and personally hear from the individuals behind the performance.

Voloshky dance residencies, discussions and performances encourage full audience participation.  
The company is always open to new ideas and works closely with presenters to develop a program best suited to their community and audience.

Please call Taras Lewyckyj (215-763-8500) to discuss your ideas and needs so that we can tailor a residency specifically for you and your audience.