Friends of Voloshky

There are many ways to participate as an FOV (Friend of Voloshky).  We are currently looking for 2-3 contacts in any city/country that is interested in presenting VUDE to their community.  FOV’s would be very helpful in providing local community and theater information for our self-produced shows.  FOV’s would serve as the community liason between Voloshky and your community. We would work together on a plan to facilitate bringing Voloshky to your venue.  FOV’s can be individuals or organizations.  We are available and will work with your non-profit organizations to help write grants, provide advertising material, and collaborate on fundraisers for your shows.  We are open to all ideas – from 500 audience members.
Benefits will include acknowledgement in specific programs and specific recognition in our annual donor recognition event, tickets to our VIP events, and a special place on our Wall of Voloshky FOV’s.